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Why your Business needs Email Gateway?

Email Gateway can be used to send only transaction text content to the end users. Email
Gateway uses simple API model to send email content to the users.

Features of Email Gateway

  • Email API to send email communication to the users
  • Use your own domain and email id to send emails

Email Automation

Send targeted mails to an audience based on behavior. Set a parameter and send mail when it is actually required

  • Send Reminders
  • Delay Time
  • Welcome Mail
  • When someone Exit
  • Day-wise Reporting

Spam Analysis

Our spam filter intelligently analyzes your mail and identify potential causes that put your mails in Spam.

  • Header Analysis
  • Path Analysis
  • Body Analysis

Personalized Messages

Each customer is unique and needs special treatment.  Give a personal touch to the subject and content of the mailer just according to the subscriber.

  • Welcome Mail
  • Special Occasion Offers Mail
  • Festive Offers Mail

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